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OKT 22 - 25, 2020



Experience Bavarian craftsmanship in Tulsa! Stop by the Arts and Crafts MarktHaus to pick up lasting memories of this year’s festival. Linde Oktoberfest Tulsa will feature more than sixty arts and crafts booths. Guests will see a selection of handmade items and authentic German wares.


The mission of Linde Oktoberfest Tulsa is to perpetuate an annual premier German folk heritage festival that will enhance Tulsa and its River Parks system. We are very proud of our event and the volunteers who help produce the festival, some of whom work year-round in the planning and implementation of the annual event. Our Arts and Crafts area has grown, and our goal is to build our quality array of handmade and authentic German arts and crafts to a point where it becomes a destination for shopping. We encourage you to share this information with others.


10×10 indoor: $270
10×10 outdoor: $240
10×20 indoor: $470
10×20 outdoor: $410

All applications and products are juried so that we may maintain a balance of products. Our goal is to promote a safe, successful and fun festival. The policies and regulations set forth in this document are designed to maintain order and to regulate activities on the Festival site. Regulations will be enforced.

Please include your email address and check your email often as this will be how we communicate with you. Oktoberfest retains the right and the responsibility to make final determinations as to the suitability of crafts and artwork for inclusion in the festival based on originality, craftsmanship, and acceptability, as well as the right to remove specific items or complete display booths, (and to exclude offenders from future shows).


  • Booth space must be paid in full prior to vendor placement.
  • Vendor shall provide adequate personnel for the operating hours of the festival.
  • Vendor may not sell or consume alcoholic beverages.
  • Vendor shall not use noisemaking devices or public address systems in or around their allocated space.
  • Note that all fees include General Liability Insurance of $1,000,000 naming Tulsa Oktoberfest as additionally insured. If proper insurance is already held by applicant, and proof is provided to us, we will refund $70 of the fee.


  • Only one artist or craft artisan per application.
  • German theme art/merchandise/etc. is preferred but not required.
  • Merchandise based upon the copyright or trademark of others (NFL, Disney, Warner Brothers, etc.) is expressly forbidden.
  • No vehicle access will be permitted onto the festival grounds during Festival hours.
  • Load-out occurs following the close of Oktoberfest, 6:00 pm on Sunday.

All arts and crafts will be considered. While personally handmade items are preferred, all crafts qualify and will be considered. Submission of images of your work indicates your consent to their reproduction for use in the program and/or other promotional materials.

Rain Date
There will be no “rain date” and no refund of fees due to inclement weather. The event will take place rain or shine.

A 24 hour security service will be provided. This presence does not guarantee against theft or loss but should supplement any precautions which the vendor already has in place. Oktoberfest, Inc. is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Sales Tax
All sales will be made on a cash basis. No commission on sales. It is the sole responsibility of each exhibitor/crafter to obtain the applicable and appropriate state and local licenses and permits as well as payment of taxes pertaining to their operation.

Forms of Payment
Vendors must come prepared to accept cash, credit card and/or festival money/scrip. 100% reimbursement for use of festival money will be provided.

Important Dates
Vendors will be notified by email regarding acceptance into Oktoberfest within 30 days of application submission, but no later than September 1.

Deadline for signed contract and booth fee in full is September 1.

2020 Festival Hours of Operation
All Vendors are Required to be Open All 5 Days as listed below.

  • Wednesday – 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm (Arts/Crafts vendors may close at 10:00 pm)
  • Thursday - 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm (Arts/Crafts vendors may close at 10:00 pm)
  • Friday – 11:00 am to 1:00 am (Arts/Crafts vendors may close at 10:00 pm)
  • Saturday – 11:00 am to 1:00 am (Arts/Crafts vendors may close at 10:00 pm)
  • Sunday - noon to 6:00 pm

Setup / Tear Down
All vendors must set up on Tuesday from 10:00 am thru 6:00 pm or Wednesday, starting at 8:00 am. No exceptions. All vendors must have their spaces set up and ready for business no later than 4:00 pm on Wednesday. Vendors are responsible for their own booth set up and dismantling. A vendor must provide his/her own equipment for displaying merchandise in an outdoor environment and is encouraged to have suitable material to protect these works. Such equipment includes tables, chairs, tablecloths and signage; canopies are strongly recommended. Vendor must provide tie downs, weights (such as sandbags) and any other sturdy equipment necessary to stabilize canopies, displays and artwork from inclement weather conditions should they occur.

Vendors will have access to the festival venue for setup and tear down. After 4pm on Wednesday, no vendor parking is allowed onsite, although support trailers will be considered. The vendor will agree to abide by all guidelines established by Tulsa Oktoberfest, Inc. including restrictions on vehicular access to the festival site. THESE ARE NON-NEGOTIABLE.

Each vendor is provided approximately 300 watts of electrical power.