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OKT 22 - 25, 2020



Bier served in Bavarian Bier Halls and restaurants typically come in two sizes, “Large,” and, “Oh…My…Goodness!!!”

The Bavarian Maßkrug (pronounced, ‘moss kroogh’ in English, and we spell it MassKrug), is a sight to behold, especially to anyone who encounters it for the first time. It holds one liter of bier, which is 33.8 ounces or just under three American bottles! The Krug extends about two inches above the liter line to leave room for the glorious, awe-inspiring head of the incredible biers served throughout Oktoberfest. Contrary to the, “American pour,” German biers are poured with a good sized head. This releases the aroma of the bier which is vital to the taste.

“Ein mass,” in English literally means, “A measure,” and ordering one at Oktoberfest couldn’t be easier. Just say, “Ein mass bitte,” which means, “One Huge Bier, please!” Proper bier drinking etiquette requires that during particular songs, all Krugs are raised and the song belted out. One of the most popular songs played in all tents is the German classic, “Ein Prosit,” which means, “A Toast!”

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Please get to know these lyrics when hoisting and hollering:

Ein Prosit, ein Prosit,
der Gemutlichkeit!
Ein Prosit, ein Prosit,
der Gemutlichkeit!
Oans, zwoa, drei, g’suffa! (Down the hatch!)

At the conclusion of the song, make sure to give your table mates a hearty, “Prost!” and toast your Krugs with theirs.

The Hard Rock Casino Maßkrug is the only way you can get a taste of our German biers throughout Linde Oktoberfest, and are available at the Front Gate Admission Booths, and in our Maßkrug/Merchandise Booth near the entrance. Our Krugs come in two sizes, “Large (16 oz. KleinKrug), and, “Oh…My! (33.8 oz. liter Maßkrug). The cost inside the Festival is only $3 for the Klein and $5 for the Mass – these are the only vessels for bier.

Purchase them in advance and save some euros, and many come in various packages including admission and coupons. Don’t miss out, because when they are gone…they’re gone!