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OKT 18–21, 2018



We really couldn’t do this event without the incredible efforts of literally hundreds of volunteers. We tip our hat and raise a hearty, “Prost!” to over 100 volunteers and staff members throughout the River Parks system who go the extra mile(s) throughout the year to do the heavy lifting that makes Linde Oktoberfest a success.


Vicki Acosta
Patrick Acosta
Dennis Adams
Rori Adams
Jim Adams
Taylor Allen
Katt Anderson
Scott Banks
Steve Benway
Cleo Berninger
Laurie Biby
Amy Boewe
Michael Boewe
Barbara Boyer
Shari Bray
Robert Bray
Nikki Brewer
Bill Brewer
Paul Brown
Dave Burlin
Andy Cagle
Bryson Crow
Jana Dale
Sam Dean
Jason Eddingfield
Rich Emunds
James Edwards
Evan Fadem
Christy Fell
John Fothergill
Patricia Fulton
Tom Fulton
W. C. Gernandt, III
Bobby Goddard
Claus Greiner
Pat Griffin
William Hawkins
Scott Hedges
Harlan Henry
Stephen Hernandez
Sigmund Hohulski
Jim Howard
V. Karen Howard
Ryan Howell
Paul James
Nick Kerpon
Susan Kerr
Thomas King
Sharon Konemann
Ric Kotarsky
B.K. Kuhn
David Lawrence

Rachel Letters
Danny Mackey
Eric Marshall
Tina McClary
Bonnie Medlicott-Benway
Tyler Merriman
Shirley Miller
Joe Miller
Rob Mitchell
Scott Mitchell
Mike Modin
William Moersen
Tammy Monlux
William Moore
Tom Morris
Jerry Muratore
Stephen Nicholson
Gary Orton
C.R. Parsons
Jay Patton
Rob Pittinger
Hilton Price
Connie Rice
April Roach
Chris Roach
Dawn Roach
Joseph Rohr
Ginny Rohr
Vicki Sanborn
Jessica Scallan
Joe Schulte
Margaret Schulte
Kevin Schultz
Keith Schultz
Dave Silvy, Jr
Jonathon Slover
Ken Soerries
Matt Spruill
Edward Sullivan
Travis Taylor
Kye Thomas
Jared Tiner
Gary Uncle
Ashley Webb
Terry White
Rosalee Wohl
Don Wright
Nancy Wright
Carol Wright
Chris Zenthoefer
Shawn Zenthoefer