Golden Rules, FAQ's and Yes, Prohibited Items

Your safety is our number one priority!  We strive to make Linde Oktoberfest a fun and safe experience for everyone, which does mean there are certain rules that everyone must abide by.  Most of these have to do with what is, and what is not, allowed into the event.

Please check out our FAQ’s and OKT Golden Rules below and be prepared before you venture forth to the Wiesn.

The Golden Rules and FAQs!

We all want to have fun at Oktoberfest.To make sure we all enjoy ourselves, we have established a few rules we are calling the, “Golden Rules of Oktoberfest!” We ask all guests to arrive early and travel light, as you may be subject to search, which includes metal detecting hand wands upon entry.

Can I bring food or drinks onto the festival grounds?

Outside food or beverages of any kind (alcoholic beverages included) may not be brought onto the festival grounds with the exception of bottled water (limit one bottle per person), baby formula and baby supplies.

Will there be a bag check or metal detector when I enter the grounds?

Updated security enhancements have been implemented and all guests will undergo a bag check and may be scanned with metal detectors at every entrance. To accommodate the additional time needed for the new security procedures, guests are encouraged to arrive early to allow extra time for ingress.

Is there a limit on the size of bag I can bring inside?

Yes, bags no larger than 13″ x 15″ x 6″ will be permitted inside the Wiesn. Guests who have bags larger than this size will be asked to return them to their vehicles. All bags will also be searched for prohibited items at entry before being scanned with metal detectors.

What time do the grounds open?

Admission ticket sales will commence thirty minutes prior to the scheduled opening of Oktoberfest. Grounds will not be open until the scheduled start time each day which can be found in our Festival Guide.

Are cameras allowed?

At the request of the entertainers, professional photography or video recording of the stage shows (specifically involving cameras with professional/detachable lenses) may not be permitted; however, the remainder of the festival grounds are open game and we encourage social media sharing throughout the event.

Where is the Lost and Found located?

Lost and found is located at the Police Command Center near the front gate. All items not claimed by the end of the Festival will be securely transported to the Oktoberfest, Inc. offices.

What security is in place to ensure my family’s safety?

Oktoberfest staffs both private security and off-duty Tulsa police officers to provide security before, during and after Oktoberfest. Depending on the current Homeland Security National Threat Advisory, Oktoberfest will base event security upon that level along with any other needs as they may arise.

Can I smoke on the festival grounds?

In accordance with Tulsa City ordinances, smoking is prohibited in all tents at all times. Smoking in outside areas is permitted; however, guests are asked to please extinguish all smoking materials when finished and dispose of materials properly. Please do not throw materials on the ground as these are unsightly and difficult to pick up. Please keep our Wiesn clean!

Where can I buy official MassKrugs and merchandise?

Official Hard Rock Casino MassKrugs will be for sale at the Admissions Ticket Windows at each gate, as well as at the Official Oktoberfest Merchandise Booth just inside the front gate. There will be limited availability at the Bier Service Bars – we highly suggest you obtain your official MassKrug ($5 for full liter, $3 for 16-oz KleinKrug) prior to approaching the bars for your refill.

The Official Merchandise Booth will also sell authentic German Hats, beads, chicken hats and more near the front gate. Official 2017 Oktoberfest Wearables will be available at the Gorfam Booth, also located near the front entrance. Legacy Oktoberfest-wear is available near the Warsteiner EssZelt tent.

Where can I buy Festival Money?

All food and beverages throughout Oktoberfest, as well as all rides, can only be purchased with Food and Beverage Coupons (Festival Money). These coupons are sold throughout the festival grounds at Festival Money booths staffed by service volunteers. Festival Money may also be purchased in advance online.

How much does Bier, Beverages and Food cost?

A full liter refill of any size bier throughout Oktoberfest (33.8 ounces), is $12, or 12 coupons. 16-oz servings (can or draft) is $7, or 7 coupons. Alcoholic mixed beverages and wine are between $7 (7 coupons), and $12 (12 coupons). Non-alcoholic beverages are $3 (3 coupons). Food ranges from $4 (4 coupons) to $15 (15 coupons) for full platters.

May I re-enter Oktoberfest once I have left?

Yes! Please have your hand stamped for re-entry on the same day.

What can I bring or not bring?

This year, backpacks and large bags will generally be banned from Linde Oktoberfest Tulsa. Please leave any non-essential items at home. You will make it into Oktoberfest much quicker if you don’t bring any bags or backpacks with you.

Any bags you do bring must not exceed a volume of three liters (about three MassKrugs), or a size of 13″ x 15″ x 6″

Even if they fit in your smallest bag, the following items are also prohibited:
• Aerosol spray cans with hazardous contents, including Pepper spray/Mace
• Corrosive or staining substances
• Objects that could be used to cut, slash or stab – basically any weapons of any sort including chains, firearms and spiked jewelry
• Selfie Sticks, Drones, Fireworks and Laser pens/pointers of any type
• Noisemakers such as air horns
• Alcohol, drugs, illegal substances or any paraphernalia associated with drug use
• Outside food or drinks
• Glass bottles

Small children will get the best view of the Oktoberfest from their strollers. While there is no general ban on large strollers, they will be subjected to checks by security staff.

Animals are not permitted in the Oktoberfest at any time with the exception of Sunday, and ONLY registered Dachshunds for the Dachshund Dash.

Plan your journey: Where possible, find alternative forms of transport including our massive, free public shuttle system to get to the Wiesn. It’s so fun and efficient, and delivers you right to the front door of Oktoberfest!

Use all of the entrances around the Oktoberfest grounds, including the NEW North Entrance. You can now come through the extensive River Parks trail system to the north, connecting Downtown to West Tulsa over the new pedestrian bridge, and into the park.

No matter how much fun you have, every trip to Oktoberfest has to come to an end some time. No visitors are permitted on the festival grounds after closing times and before opening times each day.

All persons inside of the festival during operating hours is subject to search at any time by security personnel or police officers, to include any bags or other personal belongings regardless of their allowability into the festival.

Persons inside of the festival, during operating hours, found to be in possession of an item in violation of this policy may be asked to leave the premises. A guest who is asked to leave under this policy will not receive a refund for their entry fee or any other purchases made. A staff member or volunteer who is asked to leave under this policy may return at the discretion of festival management or their designee once the prohibited item has been removed from the festival or secured in the command post or police operations building.

Any person who enters or attempts to enter the festival with an item that is illegal to possess by law, may be asked to leave or arrested by a police officer regardless of whether the item is listed within this policy.

Are lockers available for storing prohibited items?

At this point, lockers are not available on the Festival Grounds; however, we are still researching the availability of securing a locker facility with associated user fees. If your item appears on the list above, we highly suggest you leave it in your car to avoid it being confiscated or entry refused. No items will be “checked in” except for firearms, knives and lost and found items.

Is tailgating or overnight parking allowed?


Speaking of parking, where can I park?

We encourage everyone to use our free, Oktoberfest Shuttle transportation system from Downtown and two southern locations. Parking ($20) is available near the festival grounds (enter off of 21st Street from Southwest Blvd), and $10 (West River Skate Park). Handicapped parking (limited) is available at the festival grounds parking area (enter off of 21st Street from Southwest Blvd.

What kind of alcohol is served?

German, domestic and craft biers, wine and liquor are available for purchase by patrons 21 years of age and older. The number of alcoholic beverages served may be limited to one drink per person, per purchase. Management reserves the right to refuse service to guests who appear intoxicated or who are disturbing other guests. Beer sales are discontinued approximately forty-five (45) minutes before the end of the event. You must have a valid I.D. and you MUST be prepared to show this I.D. for each and every purchase.

Can I bring in banners and signs?

Banners and signs are permitted as long as they do not block the view of others, interfere with the event, contain advertising of any form, present a safety hazard or contain political or obscene material. Banners may not be affixed with any type of material that is permanent in nature or that alters the facility in any manner. Poles and sticks are prohibited. Building management reserves the right to remove any banner or sign. .

Festival management is allowed to make exceptions to this policy as deemed appropriate at any time.