Our Team

We really couldn’t do this event without the incredible efforts of literally hundreds of volunteers.  We tip our hat and raise a hearty, “Prost!” to over 100 volunteers and staff members throughout the River Parks system who go the extra mile(s) throughout the year to do the heavy lifting that makes Linde Oktoberfest a success.



Here’s to our Event Management Team!


Dennis Adams Extended Dining Tent
Scott Banks Volunteer Check-in
Ron Baucom Corporate Night
Valerie Blocker Merchandise
Brian Blocker Merchandise
Craig Boewe Beverage
Amy Boewe Beverage
Barbara Boyer Finance
Robert Bray Logistics
Shari Bray Logistics
Nikki Brewer Jugendzelt/Decorations
Paul Brown Decorations/Signage
Tonja Carrigg Festival Director
Phil Cozzoni Safety
Patsy Dorrough Extended Dining Tent
Jay Downie Festival Producer
Sarah Eaton Arts and Crafts
Jason Eddingfield Shuttle
Rich  Edmunds Product Supply
Christy Fell Corporate Night
John Fothergill Volunteer Check-in
Bryan Fraker Extended Dining Tent
Rhonda Freiner Finance
Patricia Fulton Games/Merchandise
Tom Fulton Games/Merchandise
W. C.  Gernandt, III Safety
Tim Gilpin Emcee
Helga Greiner Authenticity
Claus Greiner Authenticity
Pat Griffin Extended Dining Tent
Kim Hann Entertainment
William Hawkins Games of Oktoberfest
Scott Hedges Command Post
Jared Heidlage Command Post
Jim  Howard Arts and Crafts
Karen  Howard Arts and Crafts
Ryan Howell Games of Oktoberfest
Paul James Emcee
Jonathan Jeffy Extended Dining Tent
Robert  Johnston Product Supply
Sean Johnston Product Supply
Caitlin Keesaman Shuttles and Transport
Toni Keesaman Shuttles and Transport
Nick Kerpon Emcee
Susan Kerr Corporate Night
Paul Knight Entertainment
Sharon Konemann Extended Dining Tent
Ric Kotarsky Beverage
B.K. Kuhn Extended Dining Tent
David  Lawrence Emcee
Rachel Letters Mascot
Chris Lieberman Entertainment
Johnna Mabry Jugendzelt
Danny Mackey Shuttles and Transport
Trevor Mantooth Water
Eric Marshall Command Post
Alan McBeath RPA Facilities Manager
Tina McClary Extended Dining Tent
Tyler Merriman VIP
Shirley Miller Logistics/Site
Joe Miller Water
Rob Mitchell Rush Chairman
Scott Mitchell Site Design/Security
Tammy Monlux Finance
Tom  Morris Product Supply
Jerry Muratore Emcee
Gary Orton Extended Dining Tent
David Petzet Concessions
Derek Pierce Logistics
Rob Pittinger Concessions
Connie Rice Photographer
Kevin Rogers Volunteer Check-in
Stacey Roggendorff Public Relations
Joseph Rohr Logistics/Ceremonies
Jessica Scallan Emcee
Dante Schmitz Entertainment
Joe Schulte Emcee
Margaret Schulte Emcee
Steve Silvey Product Supply
Dave  Silvey, Jr Product Supply
Edward Snow Games of Oktoberfest
Ken Soerries Volunteers
Edward Sullivan Product Supply
Eunice Thomas Finance
Julie Ward
Ashley Webb BierMeister
Terry White Finance
Carol Wright Corporate Night
Don Wright Emcee
Nancy Wright Emcee
Patti Zabienski Special Events Supervisor