Ich besorge das Bier! (I’ll get the Bier!)

The greatest German biers of our time need some very special handling. That’s where you come in. Help us bring authentic Bavaria to life right here in Tulsa by giving a few hours of time to pour, sell, visit, give, guide, drive, lift and, well, dance (the Chicken Dance). Individuals, friends, friends of friends, families, corporate volunteers and service groups are more than welcome, and you’ll get free stuff. Chicken hat optional. FACT: It takes more than 2,400 shifts, totaling over 9,000 volunteer hours to help produce one of the the Top 5 Oktoberfest celebrations in America. We cannot do it without YOU!

Volunteer Registration is now open! Please click the link below to go to our volunteer sign-up portal.

To inquire about service group fundraising opportunities, contact admin@tulsaoktoberfest.org or call 918-596-2007.



Volunteers will receive free admission to Oktoberfest on the day of volunteering, plus all this other great stuff:

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    An official Tulsa Oktoberfest volunteer t-shirt;

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    Special access to the volunteer hospitality zone with refreshments and running water restrooms during breaks;

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    Free admission for you and a guest on another day of the festival.

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    NEW! A Festival Geld (Money) card with $30 value to use throughout the festival - enough for a full liter refill, a MassKrug and something to eat!

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    Special invitation for you and a guest to attend our post-festival thank-you party on Sunday;

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    And you’ll feel the true Gemütlichkeit in your heart by helping to preserve and sustain a treasured part of Tulsa’s German and Bavarian culture while benefitting Tulsa's River Parks!

Volunteers should come prepared with a customer service mindset, and be friendly and personable. While we are looking for experience in serving, bartending, hosting, or other service industry related work, we are also looking for interested folks who want to make Oktoberfest a success. This may include time during set up and take down as well as during the event. Foreign language skills are an asset.


Fundraising opportunities for service groups!

There are many opportunities available for service groups to raise money for their organizations by providing staff for the festival. If you volunteer with an organization around Tulsa and are looking for a fundraising opportunity, please contact us directly to register your group for areas in Admissions and Beverage Services. Last year, over $50,000 was raised by groups working during Oktoberfest, which goes directly back into the community! For more information about service group fundraising, please contact us at admin@tulsaoktoberfest.org.

Special Call for Volunteers to Help on Friday and Saturday Nights

Friday and Saturday evenings are very busy, especially in our beverage service areas. Our busiest times require a focused mind-set and willingness to work hard to provide smooth services for our guests. It’s hard work but great fun. Additional benefits will be offered to all groups and volunteers who sign up to work any of our Friday and Saturday evening shift assignments.

Access and parking

Access for volunteers to Tulsa Oktoberfest is easy! Simply ride our free Festival Shuttles from around the area (see map) direct to the River West Festival Park where you will check in directly at our Volunteer Platz (Service Groups will have a separate check in location – please look for the, “Service Groups,” signs).

Additional “Volunteers Only” parking and shuttle service will be available around Veterans Park (the stop is on 18th St. at Boulder) just across the 21st Street Bridge from the Festival Park. Parking available on-street and around the area. Note: Shuttle operates every 30 minutes, so plan accordingly.

At Volunteer Platz, you’ll meet your supervisors, receive your shirt and entry pass into the event and be escorted to your operations area. Please note, you must have a volunteer pass to enter the event. A volunteer shirt alone will not gain admission – you must have the pass to enter the area. Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your shift start time to ensure you are on location at the right time. Other volunteers are finishing their shifts and would appreciate timely arrival.

Come prepared for the weather! We will operate rain or shine, and, while all of our volunteer stations are under tents, getting to and from requires walking in the elements. Wear comfortable shoes, preferably closed-toe (athletic type, NO sandals or flip-flops). German attire is welcome.

Personal Belongings

There is very little space to store personal belongings. We cannot be responsible for purses, ipods, laptops, cameras, etc. We suggest that you bring whatever you feel necessary to have with you in your pockets or in a hip pack or bag (large backpacks are not allowed on the Festival grounds for safety reasons). We will provide water and snacks will be available; however, you may want to bring healthy snacks and other specialized beverages, as they are not available on the grounds.

Please note: consumption of alcoholic beverages is not allowed during volunteer shifts, and is not offered in the volunteer hospitality area.

Areas Where Volunteers are Needed!

Oktoberfest_Vickie Sanborn_2021-2-8

Customer Services

Information, merchandise sales, MassKrug sales and distribution, courtesy shuttle services

Customer services volunteers help every guest in every way, and may include merchandise sales, MassKrug sales, courtesy shuttle operations from the parking lots and around the grounds and staffing the information tents at two locations in the event. German attire is welcome! A strong sense of community spirit mandatory! Our Customer Services area is the hub and spoke of information flow and assists with the operations of the festival from a customer perspective. Volunteers will have knowledge of where the bier is served and where the restrooms are located!


Volunteer Services

Helping our volunteers succeed!

We are looking for special volunteers willing to assist the volunteers, service groups and staffing services personnel during the event. Responsibilities include staffing the volunteer and service group check in location, helping as runners to escort volunteers to their service locations, distributing according to plan our various volunteer benefits, staffing the hospitality area and helping with the volunteer shuttle services. Our volunteer services team is the backbone of our volunteer operation and a key to the success of our program.


Beverage Services

Beer and wine, tasting tents, soft drink sales

“I’ll Tap That!” Tulsa Oktoberfest is looking for heroes. At least, you’ll be heroes to the attendees looking for something to quench their thirst during the Festival in twelve  Zelts (tents) featuring incredible German and domestic beer and German entertainment. While the majority of these positions will involve serving beer, and thus require individuals at least 21 years of age, there are a few all-ages opportunities available at beverage stations serving only water and soft drinks. Depending on the need, some volunteers in this opportunity may perform additional duties such as handling bags of ice, restocking MassKrugs and cups, and other duties as needed. These positions will involve checking ID’s for age-appropriate services and using proper and efficient draught techniques for the perfect pour. Training will be provided for beer pouring and proper bar operation. Each volunteer shift will cover between four and five hours and volunteers may sign up for more than one shift.


Hospitality and Special Event Services

VIP Terrasse and Skydeck, Corporate Night hosts, competitions, tastings)

Hospitality Services assists guests and sponsors at our VIP Skydeck, staffing the games, activities and competitions, helping with the tasting Zelts and provide Zelt staffing during our exclusive Corporate Night program. Our VIP areas will require special tickets for entry and some of our tastings and competitions require advance online or onsite registration. Volunteers must have a can-do, customer-centric, service-oriented attitude.

Volunteers welcome guests, ensure guests are in the correct location and have the correct wristband for the their area, serve beverages and/or food and keep the areas clean. Volunteers may be located at the entrances to each of the VIP areas or Corporate Night Zelts and will assist festival staff where needed. The volunteers will also walk through the areas to ensure safety, and must be prepared to answer a variety of questions by guests.


Transportation Services

Volunteers assigned to help move folks around the event site and around Tulsa.


Logistics, Signs/Banners and Decorations

Join the teams responsible for bringing Tulsa Oktoberfest to life, and help with set up of the tables, tents, decorations, signs and banners. Hours are flexible both before and after the event.